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Confidentiality Agreement

We are delighted that you have decided to pursue counselling at this time. The counselling service is run alongside the broader pastoral care of your church. We would encourage you to share what you are learning in counselling with others for your own support and ongoing wellbeing.  We don’t  think it is particularly healthy to journey through your struggles alone and place a significant value on the involvement of your church family. 

The Bible teaches that Christians should carefully guard any personal and private information that others reveal to them. Protecting confidences is a sign of Christian love and respect (Matt. 7:12 So in everything do to others what you would have them do to you.) It also encourages people to seek needed care. Your counsellor will carefully protect all information that they receive through your sessions and case management, subject to the following guidelines.

Although confidentiality is to be respected as much as possible, there are times when it is appropriate and necessary to reveal certain information to others. In particular your counsellor may disclose confidential information to appropriate people in the following circumstances:

  • When the counsellor believes that those receiving care could be in danger of harming themselves or others 
  • When the counsellor believes that there is ongoing abuse taking place—i.e. sexual, physical, domestic, child abuse, etc. 
  • When a child or vulnerable person reveals information that indicates any kind of abuse posing a danger.
  • When the counsellor is ordered by a court of law to release the counsellee’s information. 
  • When the counsellor seeks guidance and receives regular supervision to better care for those they are helping, they can discuss relevant information with ministry supervisors. In the case of supervision the cases shall be anonymised. 
  • Details shall only be shared with church leadership after explicit permission has been sought and discussed with the counsellee.  

I agree with the above statement.


Please print this statement and sign it and bring it with you to your first appointment (or send it via email to your counsellor).

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